Erasmus + mobility

Project Name

Diversity as an Opportunity

Project Acronym


Project Partner
1. Vienna Board of Education, European Office
2. GTKMS/GTNMS Anton Sattler Gasse
3. NMS Brüßlgasse
4. NMS Dirmhirngasse
5. NMS Enkplatz
6. NMS Glasergasse
7. WMS Kauergasse
8. NMSI & JHS Konstanziagasse
9. NMS Reisgasse
10. European Middle School in Vienna
11. College Hernals

Project Duration

24 months: September 2016 - August 2018


The project will develop a new innovative curriculum, methodology and didactics, training and further education workshops for teachers regarding diversity. The international workshops and conferences offer the possibility to use diversity as a resource in classrooms through the development of new methods and didactics. The aim is to use ‘Vienna Diversity Coaches’ (VDC) throughout Austria to offer further training courses.