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CentroLING Slovakian Language Courses

Since 1997 the Viennese Board of Education has supported the cross-border co-operation in the ‛Centrope Region’ (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria).  A part of this collaboration is the exchange of language skills and cultural experiences in the neighbouring region implemented through various language courses at Viennese schools. 

The Vienna Board of Education meets the stipulations of the European Council that all citizens have the opportunity to become acquainted with at least two other languages (other than their first language), ideally one of them being a language from a neighbouring country. 

The Vienna Board of Education offers Slovakian language courses led by a Native Speaker Teacher (NST). The focus is on the acquisition of knowledge, the development of language skills and the growth of a positive attitude towards Slovakia and its citizens.  If necessary, the NST can also act as a translator, if there are difficulties in communication between families from Slovakia and the head teacher and/or class teachers.   


One NST is involved in the CentroLING Slovakian language courses. School participation is coordinated by the European Office of the Vienna Board of Education. 

Schools with compulsory and optional Slovakian language activities

VS 1150 Goldschlagstraße 14-16

EMS 1220 Anton-Sattler-Gasse 93