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A bilingual programme for German and English speaking pupils. Teaching is carried out by German and English Native Speaker Teachers (NSTs) according to the Austrian curriculum.


The VBS programme begins as a pilot project in primary school and is continued through both lower and upper secondary levels. There is a special enrolment procedure for a place in a VBS school that involves an orientation talk to determine the child’s eligibility for the bilingual programme. A further opportunity to enter a VBS school presents itself after having an orientation talk with a positive outcome at the beginning of lower secondary, as well as at the beginning of upper secondary schooling.

The acquisition of basic cultural techniques (German, Reading and Writing and English, Reading and Writing), take place in the first or dominant language of the child (German or English), as well as in German as a Second Language or English as a Second Language, acorrding to the Austrian curriculum. VBS classes are divided into two language groups for the acquisition of these literacy skills. The remaining lessons are devoted to bilingual teaching in the form of co-teaching. Acquisition of literacy skills in the second language begins, at the latest, in Year 2, is determined on an individual basis, depending on the skills already acquired in the first language.

All children, regardless of their first language (German or English), should be provided with the opportunity to successfully transfer to secondary school.

School place allocation is the sole responsibility of the compulsory school inspectorate, after statutory guidelines (siblings already enrolled at the school, residential location) have been taken into consideration. Determination of school readiness is the sole responsibility of the head teacher.

It is extremely important for the quality and sustainability of the VBS programme that there is a balance of pupils with either German or English as a first language, only then can a successful bilingual education take place.

VBS Schools


VS 1060 Sonnenuhrgasse 3-5

VS 1100 Keplerplatz 7 (being phased out)

VS 1160 Herbststraße 86

VS 1180 Scheibenbergstraße 63

VS 1190 Grinzinger Straße 88

VS 1220 Meißnergasse 1

VS 1220 Leonard Bernstein Str. 2

VS 1220 Schüttaustraße 42

Information regarding registration for the VBS primary school


Lower Secondary

BRG 1080 Feldgasse 6-8,

WMS/NMS 1100 Wendstattgasse 3

BG/BRG 1140 Linzer Straße 146

NMS1160 Koppstraße 110/II

BG 1170 Parhamerplatz 18

NMS/VBS 1190 In der Krim 6

BRG 1190 Krottenbachstraße 11-13

WMS/BRG 1220 Theodor Kramer Straße 3

BG/BRG 1230 Draschestraße 90-92


Upper Secondary

RG/WRG 1080 Feldgasse 6-8

HAK 1120 Hetzendorfer Straße 66-68

BRG 1140 Linzer Straße 146

BWRG/VBS 1170 Parhamerplatz 18

BRG 1190 Krottenbachstraße 11

WMS/BRG 1220 Theodor Kramer Straße 3

BRG 1230 Draschestraße 90-92