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The European High School in BRG/BORG 15 started as a pilot project in 2001. It was then integrated into the regular school system in the academic year 2004/05. Pupils who have finished lower secondary school at an NMS or AHS can attend this branch of upper secondary school that has an emphasis on modern languages. European Studies and Intercultural Communication are cross-curricular subjects that are both offered, where questions and topics that are relevant to the European community are addressed and where English is used as the language of instruction (CLIL - Content and Language Integrated learning).

Pupils at the European High School are not only confronted with the challenges of a central European nature, but acquire further language and cultural competences through more English language input, as well as being given the possibility of learning an additional modern language (Spanish, French or Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian). Pupils are also given the opportunity to travel to Brussels or Strasbourg in Year 6, and to participate in courses in the neighbouring countries.

The European High School is enriched by its international pupil population; alongside pupils with Austrian citizenship we have pupils from the Balkan States, Poland, and Turkey, as well as pupils with Asian or African background, who all contribute to the cultural diversity of our school.

The goal of the European High School is to teach an understanding of the European dimension, as well as integration and regional networking.


  • The subject field 'European Studies' is taught through Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)
  • Tuition in other modern languages


A CLIL approach is used in the subject field of European Studies, supported by a Native Speaker Teacher and incorporates themes that are part of the Austrian curriculum relevant to the European dimension in the subjects of European history, geography and politics. Project work is also implemented through the medium of English in selected subjects.

Pupils from all over the world are welcome and can be enrolled under special circumstances - more detailed information can be provided by the head teacher. Good English language skills are necessary in all cases and are determined in an admissions interview.

European High School

BRG/BORG 1150 Henriettenplatz 6