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E4U English Native Speaker Teachers use English as a language of instruction in any subject, except language lessons at Viennese Middle Schools. The modern foreign language is used as a tool for dealing with subject specific material and at the same time provides an intensive engagement with English speaking countries.

At the WMS (Wiener Mittelschulen) pupils have the opportunity to apply their acquired linguistic competence in real life situations with E4U Native Speaker Teachers (NSTs), partly through Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). Besides strengthening pupils’ communicative skills, E4U supports and increases authentic knowledge of English speaking countries and cultures.


Topic-based lessons are used to teach various key skills and the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) approach is implemented in subjects such as biology, geography, history, music, art and PE, supported by the input of English Native Speaker Teachers.

The Native Speaker Teachers play a valuable role in providing not only authentic language, but also knowledge about their home country and its culture, therefore making their contribution to an intercultural curriculum.

The co-teaching with a Native Speaker Teacher aims to support each pupil on an individual basis, as well as creating a language-friendly class and school atmosphere.

E4U Schools

WMS 1020 Kleine Sperlgasse 2a

pWMS/AHS 1020 Simon-Wiesenthal-Gasse 3

WMS 1030 Kölblgasse 23

pWMS 1040 Karlsplatz 14

WMS 1060 Loquaiplatz 4

WMS/AHS 1070 Kandlgasse 39

WMS/EMS 1070 Neustiftgasse 100

WMS 1100 Grenzackerstraße 18

WMS 1100 Knöllgasse 61

WMS/VBS 1100 Wendstattgasse 3

WMS 1100 Wendstattgasse 5/I

WMS 1100 Wendstattgasse 5/II

WMS 1150 Kauergasse 3-5

WMS/AHS 1160 Maroltingergasse 69-71

WMS 1160 Roterdstraße 1

pWMS 1180 Antonigasse 72

WMS 1200 Leipziger Platz 1-2

pWMS 1210 Mayerweckstraße 1

WMS/AHS 1220 Contiweg 4

pWMS/AHS 1220 Maculangasse

WMS 1220 Plankenmaisstraße 30

WMS 1220 Steinbrechergasse 6

WMS/AHS 1220 Theodor Kramer-Straße 3

WMS/AHS 1230 Anton Krieger Gasse 25

WMS 1230 Anton-Baumgartner-Straße 119

pWMS 1230 Willergasse 55