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  • English is taught in Year 1 through to Year 4 of primary school in an effective, professional manner by English Experts as part of the compulsory school activity English as a Modern Language.
  • The aim is for pupils to acquire basic language skills according to the curriculum and the guidelines of the GK 2 and 4 (Grundkompetenzen Lebende Fremdsprache 2 und 4).
  • The acquisition of these basic modern language competences at primary level help to ease the transfer to secondary level schooling.



English 2020 has been introduced into Years 1 – 4 at pilot schools selected by the responsible compulsory school inspectorate. English Expert eligibility is determined by the head teacher in consultation with the compulsory school inspectorate.

In line with the curriculum, thirty-two lessons of English are taught in lower primary school per academic year; the responsible compulsory school inspectorate decides upon the implementation in each school on an individual basis. In upper primary school, English is taught once a week and the lesson is accounted for in the timetable. At some schools it is necessary for the for the class teacher to exchange lessons with another member of the teaching staff.

The Austrian Centre for Language Competences - ÖSZ (Österreichischen Sprachen-Kompetenz-Zentrum), commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Education , have developed and defined a set of basic competences in English as a Modern Language that should be reached in Years 2 and 4 of primary school. These competences are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and are presented in the form of positive 'I can'  statements, that are heading towards an A1 level of English language skills.The curriculum for the compulsory school activity English as a Modern Language alongside the GK2 and GK4, build the foundations of the project English 2020.


  • Council of Europe, Language Policy Division: Common European Framework of Reference for Languages – Self-Assessment Grid
  • GK2/ GK4 Resources
    • GK2/ GK4 pamphlet
    • Brochure Praxisheft 20 Die Grundkompetenzen Lebende Fremdsprache, 4.Schulstufe (outline of basic competences in English as a Modern Language – Year 4 primary school)
    • Task examples in English
    • Brochure Praxisheft 21 Kompetenzaufbau im Englischunterricht der Grundschule (developing English skills in primary schools)
    • Brochure Praxisheft 26 Die Grundkompetenzen Fremdsprache, 2. Schulstufe - GK2
    • Video recordings of lessons



2020 plakat

English 2020 Schools in Vienna

1st District - all primary schools

2nd District - all primary schools

3rd District - all primary schools

4th District - all primary schools

5th District - all primary schools

VS 1060 Sonnenuhrgasse 3-5

VS 1080 Pfeilgasse 42b

VS 1090 Grünentorgasse 9

VS 1100 Carl Prohaska Platz 

VS 1100 Georg Wilhelm Pabst Gasse 2       

VS 1100 Hebbelplatz 2         

VS 1100 Hertha Firnberg Straße 12

VS 1100 Hlawkagasse 2           

VS 1100 Keplerplatz 7

VS 1100 Neilreichgasse 111           

VS 1100 Maria Rekker Gasse 3

VS 1100 Oberlaaer Platz 1           

VS 1100 Rudolf Friemel Gasse 3

VS 1100 Wendstattgasse 3

VS 1110 Hoefftgasse 7

VS 1140 Felbigergasse 79

OVS 14 Karl-Toldt-Weg 12

OVS 14 Märzstraße 178-180

OVS 14 Hauptstraße 70

16th District - all primary schools

17th District - all primary schools

18th District - all primary schools

19th District - all primary schools

VS 1200 Vorgartenstraße 95-97

21st District - all primary schools

22nd District - all primary schools