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Orientation in the fields of further education and career guidance play an important role in the decision making process of pupils with respect to their future. The model ‘College für Berufsorientierung (COB)’ meets these demands by addressing the interests and needs of the pupils through elective compulsory subjects.

The demand for English language skills is on the rise, as the labour market becomes more international, therefore, at each COB school there is a Native Speaker Teacher whose task it is to offer an enhanced programme of English. The pupils learn to use English both as a tool for learning and working as well as a form of communication in the job application process and future daily working life.


  • Collaboration with external firms and organisations
  • Job-shadowing or participation in internships
  • Optimal educational counselling and career guidance
  • Increased number of English language lessons
  • Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)


A Native Speaker Teacher is deployed at each COB school in special optional subjects such as Business English, in career and vocational guidance, as well as co-teaching in the area of CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning).

COB Schools

NMS 1170 Redtenbachergasse 79

NMS 1210 Deublergasse 21

NMS 1210 Hanreitergasse 21

NMS 1210 Jochbergengasse 1

NMS 1210 Pastorstraße 29

NMS 1210 Aderklaaer Straße 2

NMS 1210 Adolf-Loos-Gasse 2

NMS 1210 Dr. Skala Straße 43

NMS 1210 Kinzerplatz 9

NMS 1210 Reisgasse 1

NMS 1210 Roda-Roda-Gasse 3

NMS 1210 Rudolf-Schön-Weg 1