Learning a Modern Foreign Language in Vienna

The acquisition of a modern foreign language is a necessary key skill in a modern, globalised world. Viennese schools take this into account by offering a wide range of language programmes across all levels and in all types of schools.

Every Viennese school child has, according to his/her needs and stage of development, the opportunity to learn a modern foreign language. The English language is of particular significance and is learnt by all pupils at different intensities. Language lessons begin in the first class of primary school in a natural and playful way and this first contact with another language provides the foundation on which other languages can be learnt.  The opportunity to learn an additional language whilst at school encourages a positive attitude towards life-long language learning.

The language needs of a culturally diverse society such as as Vienna are extremely high, therefore a variety of language programmes are offered not only in English, but also in the romance languages (French, Italian and Spanish) and in the languages of the neighbouring countries (Slovak, Hungarian and Czech).

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