ProgrammeEaSi Progress Axis - Call for proposals VP/2016/015
Fast track integration into the labor market for third country nationals 
targeting exclusively asylum seekers, refugees and their family members
Project NameFAB - Fast Track Action Boost
Project Partner
  1. Commune di Milano (CDM), Direzione Politiche Sociali, Relazioni Internazionali,
        Direzione Economia Urbana, Lavoro
  2. Agenzia Metropolitana per la formazione l'orientamento e il lavoro (AFOL Metropolitana)
  3. Agencia para el Empleo de Madrid (AEM)
  4. MetropolisNet EEIG (EWIV)
  5. Institut für sozialökonomische Strukturanalysen GmbH (SÖSTRA)
  6. Senatsverwaltung für Integration, Arbeit und Soziales (SenIntArbSoz)
  7. Stadtschulrat für Wien, Vienna Board of Education (EUB)
  8. City of Stockholm, Labour Market Administration (AmF)
  9. Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs (MoLEVSA)
Project Duration01.02.2018 - 31.01.2021
AbstractThe project follows an (overall) urban approach for the accelerated integration of refugees into the labor market with a particular focus on female refugees and asylum seekers. Specific measures and programmes (best practice) in the individual partner cities will be analyzed as a basis for transfer to other partner regions and cities where they will be piloted. 
Extra Granting Institution Co-funded by EaSI ( The European Programme for Employment and Social Innovation)