Project Name

Central Europe Regional Innovation Ecosystems Network

Project Acronym


Project Partners
LP. Vienna Board of Education, European Office (AT)
2. WU Vienna University of Economics and Business (AT)
3. Region of Veneto – Directorate of Labour (IT)
4. Enaip Veneto Social Enterprise (IT)
5. Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation (DE)
6. Stuttgart Media Unversity (DE)
7. Capital City of the Slovak Republic, Bratislava (SK)
8. Slovak Business Agency (SK)
9. City of Rijeka (HR)
10. Step Ri Science and Technology Park of University of Rijeka Ltd. (HR)
11. Statutory City of Brno, Municipal District Brno-střed (CZ)
12. The Czech Chamber of Commerce (CZ)
13. Municipality of Krakow – Krakow Municipal Office (PL)
14. Cracow Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PL)

Project Duration

36 months: June 2016 – May 2019 



For many years now the European Office (EUB), a specialized unit within the Vienna Board of Education, is responsible for the development, implementation and coordination of transnational projects with the main focus on ‘Entrepreneurship Education’. This was initiated in the INTERREG IIIC project ‘EdGATE’ (3E0044I-B) and continued in the Central Europe projects ‘ET-struct’ (2CE273P1) and ‘i.e. SMART’ (4CE429P1).

In the current project CERIecon (CE119) the European Office as Lead Partner works together with six partner regions from Germany, Italy, Austria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Croatia and Poland. During the 36-month project period the 14 project partners will work together to improve the framework conditions for successful start-ups. The main project objectives are to develop new solutions for ‘Entrepreneurship Education’, to find training possibilities for students at all levels of education and to improve and strengthen entrepreneurship knowledge and skills of start-ups.

Entrepreneurship and innovation is a major Viennese priority as documented in its smart specialization strategy: ‘Smart City Wien Framework Strategy’, which states: “Objective: in 2050, Vienna is an innovation leader due to top-end research, a strong economy and education.” By 2030, the innovation triangle Vienna-Brno-Bratislava is one of the most future-oriented cross-border innovation regions of Europe. That is why Vienna, Brno, and Bratislava have also been chosen as CERIecon project partners.