Urban Innovative Actions (UIA)

Project Name


Project Partner 

LP. Municipal Division 17 – Integration and Diversity (AT)
2. Vienna Social Fund (FSW) (AT)
3. Vienna Business Agency (AT)
4. Vienna Employment Promotion Fund (WAFF) (AT)
5. Vienna Board of Education, European Office (AT)

Project Duration

36 months: November 2016 - October 2019


The project wants to implement a physical centre for the growing number of refugees who apply for asylum in Vienna. This centre is will be a ‘Centre of Refugee Empowerment ‘ (CORE*) and its goal is to make refugee residence time in Vienna valuable irrespective of the outcome of asylum procedures (‘Integration from Day 1’). The refugees themselves will be actively involved in the design and content offered by the centre. A vacant building in Vienna (‘hardware ') is to be refurbished and equipped with the cooperation of refugees. There are different offers (‘software’), incl. training courses and consulting. 


*The CORE project was submitted in a special programme of the European Commission: ‘Urban Innovative Actions’ (UIA) under the topic ‘Integration of Migrants and Refugees’.